My Breast Reduction Mixed Results

My Breast Reduction Mixed Results
My Breast Reduction Mixed Results

I had always struggled with finding clothes that fit properly and feeling self-conscious about my body. It wasn’t until I started experiencing back pain and discomfort that I began seriously considering a breast reduction.

After consulting with my doctor and doing some research, I ultimately decided to go through with the procedure.

The relief I felt afterwards was immediate – no more back pain or discomfort while exercising. But looking back on it now, I do wish I had known about other solutions before making such a drastic decision.

For example, there are exercises and stretches that can help alleviate back pain caused by large breasts. Physical therapy can also be helpful in strengthening the muscles in the back and shoulders to better support the weight of the chest.

Additionally, there are clothing options specifically designed for women with larger busts that can provide more support and comfort during physical activity. These include sports bras with wider straps and compression tops that help minimize movement.

While I don’t regret my decision to get a breast reduction, one unexpected consequence was how it affected my love life. Before the procedure, my large chest had been something of a “selling point” when it came to dating – men seemed attracted to me because of it. But after the reduction, I noticed a significant drop off in attention from potential partners.

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